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The Infamous Star Wars Sleeve.

     It was around three PM on a random week day when I got called to the front to chat with a customer. The young apprentice called me to the front, then I looked the customer right in the eye, shook his hand, and introduced myself. . He showed me the tattoo that he already had,…
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My Tattoo Journey Chapter 2

     It was the summer of 2015. The tattoo shop I had been hanging out at all year had been condemned and torn down. There was yet another huge bump in the road, but I still followed my mentor Mike around to tattoo parties and spare rooms watching him do tattoos and meeting new…
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10 Principles of success for aspiring tattoo artists.

Respect goes a long way.      You are the culmination of all your good or bad decisions in life. This holds true within your circle of influence no matter where you are on your journey as an artist. Tattooing starts as a dream followed by one step in the right direction: finding a mentor.…
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My Tattoo Journey: Part 1

For my 20th birthday, I decided to get tattooed. As a college chemistry student chasing rock N’ roll dreams, I deemed a tattoo experience the next logical step in the pursuit of discovering myself. The words “Dreams can only get you so far” resonated in my head as I carried my muddled sketchbook with my…
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