Painting Gallery

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jake steele acrylic on board bugz

‘Bugz': Acrylic on Board

jake steele immaculate painting gohan acrylic on board

‘Gohan': Acrylic on Board

nigel from wild thornberries on board painted by jake steele

‘Nigel': Oil on Board

tatto machine oil on canvaas by jake steele

‘Tattoo Machine': Oil on Canvas

An oil painting of a squire legendary bass guitar by Jake Steele

“Squire Bass” Oil on Board

oil on board of master roshi by jake steele

‘Master Roshi': Oil on Board

Jake Steele Oil painting of Pennywise the Dancing clown

Oil painting of a Funko Pop of Pennywise the clown by Jake Steele.

“Pennywise” Oil on Board 16×24