Get A Jake Steele Tattoo

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Get A Jake Steele Tattoo


Book a time for an original Jake Steele tattoo with a little information and a $100 deposit. The deposit will cover the drawing fee of your tattoo as well as be used towards the final cost of your one of a kind immaculate tattoo.


Consultation Cost With Jake Steele:  $100 Deposit Towards The Cost Of Your Immaculate Tattoo.

Tattoo Session Information:

The Consultation

  •  the final estimate of cost and time will be determined and booked.
  • The area to be tattooed will be photographed
  • you will leave with a mock-up of your tattoo on your skin. 
  • The final design of your tattoo will be available to view online with 1 week of your appointment.
  • Final approval is required before the tattoo is created to stencil.

The Tattoo

  • The stencil will be applied to you and fit for size, location and rotation. Several sizes of the stencil may be used before the optimal combination is found.
  • Final approval is required before the tattoo is started. 
  • Last minute changes to design may require a tattoo redraw and stencil

Please come to your appointment on time and ready to sit and work for the allotted time. Our artists are dedicated to creating the best possible tattoo for you and will need every second of that time for you.


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