Saniderm Tattoo Bandage Review

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Saniderm Tattoo Bandage Review

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Saniderm is a MUST have for tattoo aftercare

What it is

This transparent skin bandage will transform the way you think of tattoo aftercare. This product acts as a “synthetic scab” that creates a perfect environment for your tattoo to heal smoother and more vibrant. Saniderm is both water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and built to last on the skin throughout the entirety of the healing process. Saniderm not only prevents contamination to the tattoo, but it also eliminates friction between the healing tattoo and surfaces such as clothing and bed sheets. Saniderm is also a medical grade product and is backed by a reputable brand name. Saniderm keeps Tattoos brighter, makes them hold up better, and heal faster.

How it works

Saniderm works as a semi-permanent bandage to keep your tattoo healing while protecting the open wound you just inflicted on yourself. Saniderm minimizes the risk of infection by protecting your tattoo so it can heal through its own natural methods.

Key factors of Saniderm:

  1. Protects the tattoo from external elements
  2. Keeps the tattoo moist through the bodies release of plasma and not allowing oxygen to create scabs
  3. Allows for the natural healing process to occur without interruption
  4. Can be applied to all body parts, even ones that move and may be “VERY” sensitive.
  5. Will not leave any permanent marks or harm the tattoo.

How to Use

Saniderm provides a great video on how to use their product:




Where to get it

When you get a fresh tattoo, make sure you ask for Saniderm by name from your tattoo artist. Every tattoo that I do gets a fresh piece of Saniderm. When you get a Jake Steele tattoo I am going to keep your health and well being in mind from the second we start to the healed tattoo.

If you would like to buy Saniderm for yourself to ensure your best healing process on really large tattoos you can get it here Buy Saniderm


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