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Jake Steele tattoos at Pittsburgh Tattoo Expo

Bleed Black and Gold Tattoo Expo

I’ll be returning to my home city for this amazing opportunity! I can’t wait to reconnect with some old clients and meet some new ones!

Attending tattoo artist Jake Steele participating in the inked mag California golden state tattoo expo

Golden State Tattoo Expo

I’ll be attending the Inked Mag Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena California this coming January 2020. I’m looking forward to working with my existing clients and meeting some new ones! This is by far my favorite tattoo event ever and I am excited to bring my artwork to the west coast.

jake steele tattoo saniderm on a fresh tattoo

Saniderm Tattoo Bandage Review

Saniderm not only prevents contamination to the tattoo, but it also eliminates friction between the healing tattoo and surfaces such as clothing and bed sheets. Saniderm is also a medical grade product and is backed by a reputable brand name.

Image promoting Jake Steele at the Charlotte Tattoo Expo

United Ink: Queen City Tattoo Expo, Charlotte

I’m traveling to Charlotte North Carolina to participate in United Ink’s Tattoo Expo.

jake steele tattooiing in pittsburgh at bloodlines gallery

Pittsburgh Guest Spot at Bloodlines Gallery.

This is a guest spot where I visit my home town and catch up with old clients and hopefully get some dope new ones too

The Infamous Star Wars Sleeve.

     It was around three PM on a random week day when I got called to the front to chat with a customer. The young apprentice called me to the front, then I looked the customer right in the eye, shook his hand, and introduced myself. . He showed me the tattoo that he already had,…
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My Tattoo Journey Chapter 2

     It was the summer of 2015. The tattoo shop I had been hanging out at all year had been condemned and torn down. There was yet another huge bump in the road, but I still followed my mentor Mike around to tattoo parties and spare rooms watching him do tattoos and meeting new…
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10 Principles of success for aspiring tattoo artists.

Respect goes a long way.      You are the culmination of all your good or bad decisions in life. This holds true within your circle of influence no matter where you are on your journey as an artist. Tattooing starts as a dream followed by one step in the right direction: finding a mentor.…
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